ipWhat is intellectual property? Intellectual property traditionally falls into four distinct categories including patents , trademarks , copyrights , and trade secrets . Other related categories include, for example, false advertising and unauthorized use of a person’s name and/or likeness (for example, the Tennessee Personal Rights Protection Act). ROBINSON IP LAW, PLLC offers services in all of these areas, helping you distinguish between design patents versus utility patents, trademarks versus trade dress, and provisional applications versus nonprovisional applications.

Other intellectual property services include:

  • Preparation of assignment documentation (patents, trademarks or copyrights);
  • Preparation of license documentation (patents, trademarks or copyrights);
  • Recordation of assignments or licenses with the USPTO or the U.S. Copyright Office;
  • Opinions and help regarding the protection of trade secrets;
  • Assignment and/or licensing negotiation; and
  • Preparation of documentation to make sure your company maintains ownership of its intellectual property.